The world likes artybollocks

We are thrilled at the amount of appreciation shown for our little generator all over the globe. Thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to do so and helped spread the word.

Financial Times

The Rich Column: using blockchain to help value art.

Matthew Vincent


Thank you @artybollocks for generating the most concise explanation of #Brexit I’ve ever read; “What starts out as hope soon becomes corroded into a manifesto of power, leaving only a sense of dread and the inevitability of a new order.”

The Globe and Mail

Let’s stop pretending academic artspeak reflects actual research.

Russell Smith,

Art Times

Altered egos: Disturbing the old master

Michael Smith

The Guardian

Galleries: let’s ditch the artspeak and artybollocks

Susan Jones


Trying to write an artist’s statement - trying no more thanks to the Arty Bollocks Generator!

The Guardian, G2

Paper snippet of G2 article.


The Arty Bollocks Generator comes with an Artist Certificate now. #artybollocks

The Age

Gobbledegook at the press of a button

Marcus Westbury


Calling artist friends. The secret to your success has arrived: “@espiekermann: Arty Bollocks Generator”


hurra! els artistes estan salvats! s’ha acabat passar fretura en definir-se RT @DangerMindsBlog: Arty Bollocks Generator


Nice…. Wil jij je persoonlijke visie snel op papier hebben. De arty bollocks generator.


Another application form and I will seriously consider using Arty Bollocks Generator to do the job.